Dr. Mary Clement
has practiced Naturopathic Medicine
since 1991 and specializes in
Cellular Rejuvenation and Revitalization

Dr. Mary Clement graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, in 1991 and has lived and practiced Naturopathic Medicine in Gig Harbor, Washington,  since receiving her doctorate.

As a “Baby Boomer”, Dr Mary Clement has devoted much of her practice to longevity and cellular regeneration for her 40+ year old patients. She firmly believes that the rate of aging is a personal choice with proper supplementation, exercise and nutrition.

Starting in our teens, we decrease the production of vital communication and repair molecules called redox signaling molecules (RMS) by 10% per decade of life.  By the time we are 70 yrs old we have only 10% RSM production left.  The signs of aging include decreased physical energy, sleep disturbances, aches and pains, digestive issues, memory issues, hormonal issues, skin changes and more.  ASEA and RENU 28, are the only supplements which help replenish RSM both internally and externally helping to reverse and repair the aging process.         RENU WOMAN



RENU 28, results after a 28-day topical application

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Dr. Clement weaves the basics of naturopathic medicine (clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, and vitamin and mineral supplementation, laboratory testing) with specialized homeopathic combination remedies, energetic balancing, and redox signaling technology.

She specializes in energetic medicine including Applied Kinesiology (AK) also known as Muscle Response Testing (MRT). allergy desensitization treatments for food and environmental allergies, homeopathy, pain control, energetic spinal adjustments and energy balancing.


Anti-Aging Allergy Desensitization
Program for Anti- Aging assesses the necessary changes needed  for increasing cellular vitality and longevity.
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Allergy TreatmentsAllergy treatments, food & environmental,  by using AK, Applied Kinesiology,  and acupressure.
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Weight Loss – HCG Diet Homeopathy
Weight Loss - HCG DietHCG Weight Loss Diet—Glycemic Index Education
Medically supervised
Follow-up care
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Homeopathy, Energetic medicine based on the Law of Similars,
Single Doses and
Combination Remedies
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Emotional Clearing Pain and Inflammation Reduction
Emotional Balancing
using NET (Neuro
Emotional Technique,
Homeopathy, Energy
Balancing, Reiki
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Effective Pain Relief
using Cold Laser, Effective Supplementation,
Energy Spinal Balancing
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Bio-Identical Hormones

Business Opportunity- ASEA & RENU

Bio-identical Hormones
which are the exact biochemical analogue of
the body’s hormones.
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