Naturopathic Physician, Registered Nurse
Practicing Natural Medicine since 1991
Dr. Mary Clement


Dr. Mary Clement weaves many specialty modalities in her focused practice ensuring the highest benefits to her patients.  Along with practicing energy medicine, Dr. Mary offers the very effective hCG Diet and Protocol. Weight management is just as important to Dr. Mary as weight loss, thus she educates her patients on the ketogenic diet and supportive supplementation.  

Through the practice and art of Applied Kinesiology (AK) also known as Muscle Response Testing (MRT), Dr. Mary taps into the body’s wisdom, assessing specific protocols which produce excellent results.

For several decades, patients have sought out Dr. Mary for her effective allergy desensitization treatments, for her more recent innovative methods which include the BEMER technology for easing chronic conditions, for her wisdom in prescribing homeopathic remedies, for her emotional energy work and energetic balancing, and for her intuitive readings.

With her passion and love of homeopathy, Dr. Mary developed a self-paced, online course in homeopathy, Spirit of Homeopathy.  This course which includes 12 instructional audios, a video and 3 bonus audios as well as a guidebook, provides an excellent basis for learning the basics of homeopathy and many key remedies. Learn More

Dr. Mary Clement has faithfully served the communities of Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Federal Way, Auburn, Olympia, Port Orchard, Bremerton, Silverdale, Bainbridge Island, Port Townsend, and other cities and towns on the Key Peninsula and local area. 

Dr. Mary’s #1 Medical Device Allergy Desensitizing Treatments
Dr. Mary shares a scientific technology from Germany which may change your life. For office use or daily use at home.
Learn More
Allergy TreatmentsAllergy desensitization treatments for both food & environmental sensitivities using Applied Kinesiology (AK)  and acupressure.
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Weight Loss – HCG Diet Homeopathy
Weight Loss - HCG DietHCG Weight Loss Diet—Glycemic Index Education
Medically supervised
Follow-up care
Learn More
Homeopathy, Energetic medicine based on the Law of Similars,
Single Doses and
Combination Remedies
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Emotional Clearing, Energetic Balancing Pain and Inflammation Reduction
Emotional Balancing
using NET (Neuro
Emotional Technique,
Homeopathy, Energy
Balancing, Reiki
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Effective Pain Relief
using Cold Laser, Effective Supplementation,
Energy Spinal Balancing
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Intuitive Personal Readings The Miracle of ASEA & RENU
headshot-bioDr. Mary is an ATP, Angel Therapy Practitioner, training with Doreen Virtue in 2003. Private or group readings.
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Be your best self. ASEA and RENU 28 are patented redox signaling molecules which repair cells and reverse cellular aging. LearnMore
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Dr. Mary Clement graduated from Bastyr University in 1991 and practices naturopathic medicine in Gig Harbor, WA.

As a “Baby Boomer”, Dr Clement has devoted much of her practice to longevity and cellular regeneration for her 40+ year old patients.

She has discovered several longevity technologies which have become an integrated part of her therapy.